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Soul (Soul Eater Evans) Cosplay Write-Up

Couple of things before I get into the nitty-gritty of this costume... First, Soul has been on my dream-cosplay list since I first saw the anime (2011?), but I really wanted to do it justice. This costume caused me an unreasonable amount of stress and I actually kind of hate how the craftsmanship came out. I really wanted to make this like, a leather moto jacket, but my sewing machine could not deal with it. I was having sewing machines problems before Katsu as well (the blog never got published cause the costume is still unfinished...) but this jacket really drove me to buy a new, commercial grade, sewing machine.

Part 1 - The Jacket

Let's start with the design. I was going to add piping on all the seams, and make the collar standing with buckles on it. I also intended to add the buttons on the front but completely ran out of time (and later realized it would look kind of stupid).

For the pattern I found a Lekala pattern and printed it out, you can read about my experience with them here. I ended up with 3 mock-ups before I was happy with the fit, then started working with the leather. I ended up using 2 yellow sheep skin hides, and 2.5 black. The lining was cotton sateen. 
Final mock up

Testing pattern layout

Lining :D

Yellow hide 1 of 2

Now step 5- infinity is to cry. I really don't know what to say about this. I'm not a professional and I had a really tough time making this coat. Leather is tough, you can't pin it and even with a good roller foot it tends to move around. I actually really f-ed up a few seams which made me sad, but I also did a lot of good seams! You win some and lose some...
Sewed all the pieces together, after I did this I double top-stitched most of the seams.
(look at that sexy seam :D )

Make leather jacket, cut holes in leather jacket.

This is the one I really fucked up, don't make me look at it anymore :(

Aaaand that's how you make a leather jacket (don't judge me)

Part 2- Wig, Teeth & Sun

The wig started as an Indigo in Silver from Arda. I had a whole pack of wefts as well, but I ended up having to give most to a friend, so there is only a little bit of extra volume added to the wig.

I used a combination of 2 tutorials to do the spiking, How to Get Volume by Hee-Hee and the Making-Of Cloud Strife by Malinda-Chan.

The first thing I did was section the hair with clips and then put it into ponytails. I worked section by section, teasing and spraying, then holding them till they dried. It was a long, sticky process with no photos. At the end I cut the spikes to be the right shape and glued them with fabric glue.

The teeth were made out of white false nails. I made a retainer out of friendly plastic (this took a lot of tries to get it to fit really well) then shaped the nails and glued them on. I let it dry for 24 hours before I put it on my mouth (superglue and mouth, not good)

The sun was really interesting, we started him on Tuesday before the con (and Ejen from Cosplay in America joined us). He started as a large ball from Target, and covered it in paper-mache. The spikes were made out of card-stock and taped on (we should have used white tape, lol). We added hot-glue to stabilize the spikes and give it the evil-sun texture from the show, and coated everything in a few layers of wood glue.


Kuranosuke Koibuchi (Princess Jellyfish) Progress Post

Gonna make this one kind of quick! I made this costume in about 4 days for Wizard World Minneapolis, but it's probably going to come to Anime Central as well. Unfortunately my phone was having issues so the only way I could take photos was with SnapChat, so the quality is sub-par.

The skirt was a basic bubble skirt from a tutorial I spotted on Pinterest. Unfortunately it's a bit shorter than I would have liked, but it worked out. Basically the top/ bottom are gathered, and sewn to a lining that's 4" shorter than the gathered outside section.

The blouse was made from a free Burda Pattern, modified to have the correct ruffles, a standing collar, and long sleeves. This was SUPER fun to make and I love how it turned out! I'm currently working on a similar one for my Lolita Eren :)

The tights started as yellow stretch knit (a bit too yellow) and the dots were painted on. I used the Kwik Sew catsuit pattern, but I need to make them a bit tighter before the next wear.

The waist bow was simply 2 pieces of fabric, the "belt" section and the "bow" section, and they close together with pins. It's stitched to the front of the skirt to keep it in place.

Definitely the easiest costume I've ever made XD


Hana (Gate 7) Progress Write-Up

I've wanted to do Hana for quite a while, but I didn't really start until the 2nd week of March (March 10th) for a con that was the first weekend in April. Basically I made the whole thing in 3 weeks. I left a few parts out for time's sake (the ankle and thigh jewelry, painting the inner kimono) and the red waist cincher (obi-jime) broke and I didn't have the time to re-make it.


Part 1- Kimonos

I started with 18 yards of Kona cotton from, 6 yards per kimono. This is more than you'd normally need for a "costume" kimono but I needed them to drag. I made 2 white kimono and 1 red in an evening. I use Simplicity 4080 for the pattern pieces, but I don't follow the instructions (leave open sleeves and a hole on the body near the sleeves, you can find instructions for traditional kimono making online).

I left the neck bands off and went on to dyeing. The first time I dyed them was too light, so everything was done twice. I found my color combos off of the Rit Dye website, and just kind of winged it with mixing dye.

After everything was rinsed, dried and properly ironed, I painted on the sleeve detailing and sewed on the neck bands. The last thing I did was push wire through the neckband seam of the outermost kimono, and add ribbons to the sleeves.

Part 2- Accessories

The only real accessory here is the obi-belt. I made it like a giant belt, lined with denim. The flower is Kona cotton fused to Heat n' Bond, then painted with acrylics. After that I simply cut it out and ironed it to the obi. I inserted grommets and laced it with red ribbon.

Part 3- Armor

The armor was pretty straightforward, she has a shoulder piece and a wrist piece, the leg jewelry (which I left out for this part, I'll add it later!) and the headdress.

The wrist piece was layered craft foam covered in Worbla, I completely neglected to take pictures of this! The shoulder was 4 separate pieces, the bottom 3 were connected and the top one was connected by braided cording. I really wanted to make holes for the cording to go through, but when I tried to punch the holes it cracked my wood glue, so I just glued them on.

I opened each bell and re-shaped them (and removed the jingly bit) but they were still loud because they hit each other X3

Next, the headdress. I need to find a better solution to keeping it on my head! Everything went so smoothly  (and late at night) that I forgot to take pictures of most of it... It seriously looked like an artichoke until I painted it... I started by cutting out a bunch of petals (it was 2 pieces of Worbla fused together) and heating them together. Next was the large back section, this was also 2 pieces of Worbla. The petal pieces that stick out were pretty interesting, I wanted to save weight so I only did 1 piece of Worbla, but you have to work really fast and delicately when you only do 1. I heated them up and draped them over a skewer and they  hung until they were stiff but still malleable, and I formed the dents in. I carefully attached them to the main piece and started re-shaping the petals.

The center front moon/starburst was cut out of Worbla and spray-painted & plasti-dipped (new method, didn't work out so well).

I added a circle around the bottom, and started adding the cording details. The danging crystals I picked up at Michael's and painted the correct color, the cording was purchased on Amazon. I also added the gradient-dyed bow with a large snap. I glued the whole thing to a headband (awful idea) and well, it kinda worked! Just kinda.

I re-did the chin strap but didn't take any pictures~

Final Photos

Photos by Siffy

Photos by Sun Suki

Supplies & Purchases
HanaWig/Wefts $45, Contacts $21, Fabric $100, Notions/Misc $65
Total Cost: $231