2012 Cosplay Progress Blog

So I know the progress blog is supposed to come before the post with all the pictures about my costumes, but I'm just such a terrible blog updater :|

On that note, I'm pretty good about taking progress of my costumes... I think I do it more for myself than to post it anywhere, because it's so fun to see something turn from a gigantic bag of fabric into an amazing costume!

First off is Lady Gaga from her YoĆ¼ and I music video. This costume had basically  no sewing, and was all about creating the armor. I'm going to be tweaking it a little more by adding more detail to the arm pieces.

I did most of this lateee in the night, so please excuse my make-up less, dead tired self XD

The first thing I did was create the face piece. I probably look like I'm in pain because this was super glued to my face... I tried spirit gum but it just didn't wanna dry at the convention (probably because of the sheer amount of makeup I was wearing... :| )

This was fun, and I honestly couldn't remember how I did it if I tried. I spent a few hours going between staring at the screen and gluing craft foam around my arm.

I made the upper piece of  arm armor! I have my arm at a weird angle cause it was like, a quarter inch too small and cut off my circulation a little XD

Base coat of paint... It looked a lot more metal-y in the dark...

Realized the original paint sucked, so I "weathered" the armor

The final armor. The only change I made was adding some wires and painting the inside of all the pieces. Soon I'm going to be adding tubing and more wires to look more like it did in the music video

Next is Taokaka from BlazBlue. This one was so much fun to make. Giant zipper, big fluffy paws and a creepy mask!

I'm eventually going to be re-doing the mask, because it's the one part of the costume I really don't like.

First step, get a giant zipper! I ordered this from http://www.orgxiii.org/ , and I think it was like 30"... Looks like their shop is down right now though ^^

Sewed the body of the costume, obvi everything looks like a turd. 

Made the sleeves the correct size and pinned the zipper

De-tangled half of the wig... Need to do the other half and re-braid :(

Got my "hoof" shoes!!

Made paw details

Testing paw placement

Basically finished, just need to stuff the paws!

Last but not least is Princess Hinoto from X/1999. This costume I took the least pictures of, and didn't see it completely assembled until the convention. 

I look dead! Blue under kimono and the fake vest (I think it's called a dickey)

Testing sleeve length

Bundled? Haha

The bottom fabric I bought at the store (I bought 5 or so yards) and the top fabric I bought online. I purchased White and they sent me Ivory, and unfortunately I didn't notice until it was too late, because they look so similar with the lighting in my apartment. I had to remake the whole kimono AND make the skirts, I was lucky I had just enough fabric...


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