Cyberlox Tutorial

Okay, I am obsessed with Cyber-goth fashion, and I know that if a Cyberlox tutorial exists, I have never seen one, so I decided to make one. It's a fairly simple process... Expensive and a little time consuming, but cheaper than buying them and they are so much fun :3

I purchased my Tubular Crin at I Kick Shins and it came INCREDIBLY fast. I mean like, 3 days after I ordered it. The 35 yards I bought cost me under $60, where as people sell these Cyberlox for like, $85...

I got my Rexlace at Micheal's for $2.49 for a 100-yard roll. Also got the craft foam there at 3/ $1.

I decided to use normal elastic because it's something I had lying around. Same with the decorations... I was going to buy new cool eyelets and stuff, but I decided to go with what I had around the house.

The way I wear these is to put my hair into 2 buns pretty high up on my head, flip the Cyberlox upside down and tie it so the knot is at the bottom of the bun. When you turn your head normal it will sit nice and full over the bun.

Feel free to post any questions and please +Fav this on Deviantart!