Yuuko & Doumeki: Progress Post 1/3

Unfortunately, I haven't been taking many pictures of this costume as I've been making it. I have some pretty decent progress made, I just need to assemble everything.
This is a placeholder post for my to-do list :)

This is really my only good progress picture so far... I am the worst kind of person.

Update 3/2/2013
Finally have more time to work on this cosplay, remembered to take pictures this time, hehe. 

Testing the placement for Yuukko's obis. I purchased this red hanhaba obi on eBay to save myself some time and when I got it my first though was "aww, it's so pretty... I'm gonna feel bad destroying it. *cuts in half*"

Here are the bells I put on the red hanhaba obi. Ironically in my reference there are 3 sets of 8 bells and 1 10, so it looks like an accident.

It's strangely hard to get an image of a striped hakama for a 6'4" man. Both flash and without look kind of strange... Almost done with it though, just gotta make the band and hem it.

To Do:
-Make outer kimonos
-Hem under kimono
-Hem corset
-Make nails
-Attach all the obis together

-Hem kimono
-Hem hakama
-Make cape

Supplies & Purchases
YuukoFabric/Cording $300+xx, Bells (Oriental Trading), Wigs (x2)Hanhaba obiOkobo/Geta- $xx, contacts (had)
Doumeki: Fabric $85+xx, Tabi & Waraji, Glove, Wig


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