Yuuko & Doumeki: Progress Post 2/3

Another small update on my Yuuko/ Doumeki progress.

I finished the obis and cutting the wings today. They took *forever*, glad to see them all cut out. I need to paint the feathery detail, but that won't take too long. I finished Yuuko's corset as well, and basically have just the kimonos and accessories to finish. I also bought the fabric for Doumeki s cape, which won't take too long to crank out.

I just used a basic corset pattern, and used glue to add the foam pieces. The foam doesn't go all the way around because you won't be able to see much of the sides or back.

The only thing I need to change here is to make the obi pillow for the red obi a little larger, so it sits up higher. It's extremely heavy under the weight of the tassels and doesn't want to keep it's shape. 

This is all 4 wings stacked together and chilling on my floor. It's hard to tell, but at the largest feather it's about 56" across. These bad boys are massive!!

4/1 - Small update
I finished painting the feathers and attached the kimonos together. Unfortunately I sewed the red neckband shorter than the white one, so I'll be re-doing that sometime here as well. I also received Yuuko's talon-nails in the mail, they are intense!

To Do:
-White Kimono: paint feathers, attach wings, attach to red kimono, hem.
-Red Kimono: make sleeves, attach to white kimono, hem.
-Accessories: hair piece, neck piece, nails, purple rope
-Obis: red obi pillow, attach to belt, attach tassles

-Hem kimono
-Make cape

Supplies & Purchases
Yuuko: Fabric/Cording $300, Bells (Oriental Trading), Wigs (x2), Hanhaba obi, Okobo/Geta- $xx, contacts (had)
Doumeki: Fabric $110, Tabi & Waraji- $xx, Glove, Wig