Taokaka Revamp: Anime Fusion 2013

Towards the beginning of October, I decided that I'd be going to Anime Fusion, a small, local convention here in Bloomington, MN. Instead of whipping together a new costume, or rushing to finish The March Hare, I figured I'd just wear 2 that I've already made: Queen Guinevere (2013) and Taokaka (2012).

I took my Taokaka cosplay out of storage with the intent to fix up some of the issues I had with it, but once I had a good look at it... Well... Let's just say that the person who made it *coughs* was clearly incapable of sewing a straight seam to save her life.

The inside looked *awful*, the seams were super crooked and wonky -which made me look lumpy last time I wore it- , the tail was all matted and gross, and the ears were (honestly, wtfh) safety pinned to the hood :|
After much crying, and about 45 seconds of deliberation, I took apart the entire costume and started remaking it. The only thing I didn't completely remake is the paws, simply because they were a huge pain in the ass last time, and I didn't have enough leftover fabric (they were made using Heat n' Bond!). I did, however, add invisible zippers to the inside seams of the paws, so that I can have use of my hands when required. I re-made the body by tracing the old one, except with straight seams. I shortened it about 4 inches from the old one, and added bias tape to the bottom inside for the hem. The back side where the tail comes out is more pointed and accurate to the reference, and the zipper covers were re-made to have heat n' bond on the inside, instead of 1 layer of interfacing.

I was in a huge hurry, so I didn't take very many progress pictures :(

I made the tail with a small amount of black and white fur from Hancock Fabrics, filled with a coat hanger and -honest to god- the batting from the old, gross Halloween tail.. What can I say, I'm thrifty. The hood took a while because I added the top details that I didn't have before, and I re-made the ears to be more accurate (and not safety pinned).

The zipper pull and mask were made of worbla, and although I'm not 100% happy with them, they are lot better than the originals. This was my first time working with worbla, and it was complicated and easy at the same time. I used wood glue to smooth it out, and painted with acrylics. The new mask has red LEDs inside of the eyes to make them glow.

I waited until last minute to re-do the wig, because I was debating if I wanted to make it thicker or just leave it braided like it was. I ended up re-doing the wig with a piece of fabric batting glued in-between each braid strand (so 3 per braid) which again, was a pain in the ass. It ended up looking pretty nice, and I like it more than some of the other styles I've seen, such as yarn.

In order to get the fat wig through the giant grommets in the hood, I wrapped it in saran wrap and gently pulled it through. It got a bit messed up coming off though.

Because I had initially purchased so much extra fabric, it ended up costing me less than $20 to fix this whole costume. I had to purchase fabric glue, quilt batting, wood glue and 2 invisible zippers, everything else I already had lying round. 

Before & After

My adorable friend Tak wore my Tao around for a bit and modeled for some super adorbs photos... Sorry we don't have any with the mask! 

Supplies & Purchases
TaokakaFabric/Notions $18


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