Hana (Gate 7) Progress Write-Up

I've wanted to do Hana for quite a while, but I didn't really start until the 2nd week of March (March 10th) for a con that was the first weekend in April. Basically I made the whole thing in 3 weeks. I left a few parts out for time's sake (the ankle and thigh jewelry, painting the inner kimono) and the red waist cincher (obi-jime) broke and I didn't have the time to re-make it.


Part 1- Kimonos

I started with 18 yards of Kona cotton from fabric.com, 6 yards per kimono. This is more than you'd normally need for a "costume" kimono but I needed them to drag. I made 2 white kimono and 1 red in an evening. I use Simplicity 4080 for the pattern pieces, but I don't follow the instructions (leave open sleeves and a hole on the body near the sleeves, you can find instructions for traditional kimono making online).

I left the neck bands off and went on to dyeing. The first time I dyed them was too light, so everything was done twice. I found my color combos off of the Rit Dye website, and just kind of winged it with mixing dye.

After everything was rinsed, dried and properly ironed, I painted on the sleeve detailing and sewed on the neck bands. The last thing I did was push wire through the neckband seam of the outermost kimono, and add ribbons to the sleeves.

Part 2- Accessories

The only real accessory here is the obi-belt. I made it like a giant belt, lined with denim. The flower is Kona cotton fused to Heat n' Bond, then painted with acrylics. After that I simply cut it out and ironed it to the obi. I inserted grommets and laced it with red ribbon.

Part 3- Armor

The armor was pretty straightforward, she has a shoulder piece and a wrist piece, the leg jewelry (which I left out for this part, I'll add it later!) and the headdress.

The wrist piece was layered craft foam covered in Worbla, I completely neglected to take pictures of this! The shoulder was 4 separate pieces, the bottom 3 were connected and the top one was connected by braided cording. I really wanted to make holes for the cording to go through, but when I tried to punch the holes it cracked my wood glue, so I just glued them on.

I opened each bell and re-shaped them (and removed the jingly bit) but they were still loud because they hit each other X3

Next, the headdress. I need to find a better solution to keeping it on my head! Everything went so smoothly  (and late at night) that I forgot to take pictures of most of it... It seriously looked like an artichoke until I painted it... I started by cutting out a bunch of petals (it was 2 pieces of Worbla fused together) and heating them together. Next was the large back section, this was also 2 pieces of Worbla. The petal pieces that stick out were pretty interesting, I wanted to save weight so I only did 1 piece of Worbla, but you have to work really fast and delicately when you only do 1. I heated them up and draped them over a skewer and they  hung until they were stiff but still malleable, and I formed the dents in. I carefully attached them to the main piece and started re-shaping the petals.

The center front moon/starburst was cut out of Worbla and spray-painted & plasti-dipped (new method, didn't work out so well).

I added a circle around the bottom, and started adding the cording details. The danging crystals I picked up at Michael's and painted the correct color, the cording was purchased on Amazon. I also added the gradient-dyed bow with a large snap. I glued the whole thing to a headband (awful idea) and well, it kinda worked! Just kinda.

I re-did the chin strap but didn't take any pictures~

Final Photos

Photos by Siffy

Photos by Sun Suki

Supplies & Purchases
HanaWig/Wefts $45, Contacts $21, Fabric $100, Notions/Misc $65
Total Cost: $231


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