The March Hare (Sakizo): Final Progress Post 3-- Tights, Sleeves & Wig

Images are up!! 
Yikes, I'm a little behind on this one! I don't have a lot left to write, basically just sleeves and tights? Anyhow, Katsucon was amazing and I got tons of fantastic photos! Probably gonna kill this blog soon cause I only use it for progress write-ups.

Part 1- Sleeves & Tights

Anyhow, they were both made the same way. I pinned the sleeves/ tights on me to get the fit, then serged the seams. All the trims are sewn and glued on... Super basic!

Part 2- The Wig 

This is definitely the most intense wig I've ever styled! To start with, I purchased a Candy Stiper in Purple Rain from Arda Wigs and straightened it, and put wig clips on the front to support the weight. This made me sad cause the wig is sooo pretty >w<

Anyways, after I massacred this gorgeous wig, I sewed in silver and purple wefts, I think 7-8 of each of them. The wig was SUPER heavy after this. I made the pouf thing out of 2 layers of foam, with muslin sewn around, then was glued and sewn into the wig. I started pulling hair up in small pieces, and used clear school glue to keep everything in it's place. I only did a few at a time because there got to be too many clips on the top of the wig.

After all the hair was pulled up (and in a pony tail) I started on the bangs. Unfortunately I do not own rollers (or a curling iron at the time) so I - being the clever person I am - used tp rolls as rollers, I rolled the bangs and heated them up. Once they were nice and curly I pinned them in place, and used a combination of Got2Be Blasting Freeze Spray and school glue to keep everything nice. (PS- look how ghetto my wig stand is! Works amazingly well though...)

After  the bangs were done, I hot glued around the ponytail to keep it in place. Then I took the rest of the purple/grey extension and hot glued them around the ponytail. I sectioned out the hair and started curling it with my newly acquired curling iron. I shit you not, I am such a horrible girl that I had to YouTube how to curl a wig with a curling iron... It took a while to figure it out, but I got it down. While I was curling it, I was gluing the curls in place with school glue. 

After everything was glued, I hair sprayed it about 49 times and added more glue. I also glued some rhinestone strips to the back to give it the beaded look from the art.

Supplies & Purchases
The March HareWig/Wefts $77, Contacts $26, Fabric $180, Notions/Misc $183
Total Cost: $470


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